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Nada Surf / If I Had A Hi-Fi If I Had A Hi-Fi
Import; AUD$27.61; CD Album;
If i had a Hi-fi is a covers album full of inspired, unexpected choices: from avant-pop Kate Bush to underground power-pop classicist Dwight Twilley. There are some intriguingly obscure numbers, like...
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Nada Surf / Karmic EP (Bonus Track) Karmic EP (Bonus Track)
Import; AUD$18.81; CD EP;
Before their major label signing to Elektra for their Ric Ocasek produced HIGH/LOW CD, Nada Surf released their 5 song EP chock full of indie pop gems with catchy guitar hooks and sharp lyrics....
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Nada Surf / Let Go Let Go
Import; AUD$23.67; CD Album;
Nada Surf: Matthew Caws, Daniel Lorca, Ira Elliot.
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Nada Surf / Let Go Let Go
AUD$13.90; CD Album;
For the first time in Australia the entire back catalogue of Indie Rock legends Nada Surf will be re-released at a special price. Nada Surf formed in New York in 1994 but it wasn’t until 1996 that...
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Nada Surf / Live in Brussels Live in Brussels
Import; AUD$22.48; CD Album;

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Nada Surf / Proximity Effect Proximity Effect
Import; AUD$26.69; CD Album;
hyperspace / amateur / 80 windows / mother's day / troublemaker / bacardi / bad best friend / dispossession / the voices / firecracker / slow down / robot / silent fighting / spooky + firecracker...
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Nada Surf / Weight Is a Gift Weight Is a Gift
Import; AUD$29.90; CD Album;
Composers: Caws; Elliot; Lorca . Personnel: Phil Wandscher (guitar); Chris (guitars); Rachel Bowman (cello); Kenneth Earl Jankowski Jr. (horns); Joe, Louie (keyboards); Coralie Clement, Sean...
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