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Butler Trio, John  / John Butler John Butler
AUD$29.11; CD Album;
John Butler's first release. The album features the trio and John solo and contains many of the songs in John's live sets. The complex and driving sounds of John's 12-string guitar and his stirring...
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Butler Trio, John  / Something's Gotta Give (Enhanced) Something's Gotta Give (Enhanced)
Import; AUD$21.43; CD Single;
'Something's Gotta Give' is an up tempo look at the state of the world we inhabit. It's a catchy, hook laden track and is destined to bounce around the airwaves as a summer favourite.
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Butler Trio, John  / Better Than Better Than
Import; AUD$3.95; CD Single;
Following 'Funky Tonight' and 'Good Excuse', 'Better Than' is the 3rd single from JBT's hit album, Grand National. As with the previous 2, expect plenty of air and video play with this new single....
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Butler Trio, John  / John Butler Trio John Butler Trio
Import; AUD$31.59; CD EP;

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Butler Trio, John  / Live at Federation Square Live at Federation Square
AUD$21.95; DVD Video (PAL);
Triple j, JTV and the John Butler Trio kicked off the 2007 Easter long weekend with a massive free concert in Melbourne's Federation Square. A celebration of the album Grand National, the John Butler...
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Butler Trio, John  / One Way Road (EP) One Way Road (EP)
AUD$4.86; CD EP;
The John Butler Trio are proud to present their new single ONE WAY ROAD. This is the first track to hit Australian airwaves from their forthcoming studio album APRIL UPRISING due for release early...
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Butler Trio, John  / Sunrise Over Sea Sunrise Over Sea
Import; AUD$31.31; CD Album;
The John Butler Trio: John Butler (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar); Shannon Birchall (double bass); Nicky Bomba (drums, djembe, percussion). Recording information:...
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Butler Trio, John  / These Are The Days - The Making Of April Uprising (PAL / All Regions) These Are The Days - The Making Of April Uprising (PAL / All Regions)
AUD$28.31; DVD Video (PAL);
In 2009 John Butler, Nicky Bomba and Byron Luiters started recording an album in the recently built, homemade studio The Compound. The entire session was filmed and April Uprising was the result....
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Butler Trio, John  / Three Three
Import; AUD$46.86; CD Album;
This is the 3rd independent release for the Perth-based Butler trio. Again, Butler's prodigous guitar playing is showcased by his talented folk-rock outfit 'with a conscience' and more than a little...
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Butler Trio, John  / What You Want (Digi-Pak) What You Want (Digi-Pak)
AUD$6.83; CD EP;
"What You Want" is the new single from JBT's # 1 album, and the digi-pak release features exclusive B-Sides, with limited copies coming with a bonus embroidered patch.
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