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De Lucia, Paco / Cositas Buenas Cositas Buenas
Import; AUD$35.88; CD Album;
Long known for his forward-looking approach to flamenco music, Paco De Lucia has had a distinguished career as a guitarist, songwriter, collaborator, and frontrunner in the old and new guards of...
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De Lucia, Paco / Diamond Best: Flamenco Guitar Diamond Best: Flamenco Guitar
Import; AUD$92.75; CD Album;

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De Lucia, Paco / En Vivo Conciertos Live in Spain 2010 En Vivo Conciertos Live in Spain 2010
Import; AUD$45.65; CD Album;

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De Lucia, Paco / Entre Dos Aguas Entre Dos Aguas
Import; AUD$29.72; CD Album;
Any and all of his albums have a great blend of traditional elements and virtuoso playing. ~ Ron Wynn, AMG
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De Lucia, Paco / Integral (27 CD) Integral (27 CD)
AUD$149.37; CD Box Set;
This is a comprehensive 27-CD box with the life work of Latin guitarist Paco De Lucia.Digitally remastered box dedicated to all Paco de Lucia fans this set includes 25 original albums that have been...
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De Lucia, Paco / Luzia Luzia
Import; AUD$28.95; CD Album;
Personnel includes: Paco De Lucia (vocals, guitar); Duquende (vocals); Carlos Benavent (mandola, bass); Josemi Carmona (mandola); Luis Dulzaides (congas); Tino Di Geraldo (tabla,...
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De Lucia, Paco / Paca de Lucia & Sextet Paca de Lucia & Sextet
Import; AUD$23.69; CD Album;
If you enjoy "modern" flamenco music and Spanish guitar with a "free spirit", this CD is a perfect choice for your collection. Live in America presents 8 live performances including several of Paco...
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De Lucia, Paco / Siroco Siroco
Import; AUD$22.95; CD Album;
At times, flamenco phenomenon De Lucia has branched out into jazz, bossa nova, and Cuban mixes. Here, however, he plays essentially solo compositions based on pure flamenco, though with a virtuosity...
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