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Keita, Salif / Folon Folon
Import; AUD$25.52; CD Album;
Personnel: Salif Keita (vocals); Ousmane Kouyate, Diely Moussa Kouyate (guitar); Glaucus Xavier (saxophone); Ron Meza, Feliove Guillermo (trumpet); Jean-Louis Damant (trombone); Cheick Tidiane Seck,...
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Keita, Salif / La Difference La Difference
Import; AUD$30.93; CD Album;
The descendant of warrior princes, the son of two black African parents, Afro-pop pioneer Salif Keita was born "white." Inheriting albinism, a lack of skin pigmentation, Keita instantly stood out...
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Keita, Salif / Moffou Moffou
Import; AUD$73.50; CD Album;

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Keita, Salif / Tale Tale
Import; AUD$38.65; CD Album;
The brand new album from Salif Keita is produced by Solal from Gotan Project.  The extraordinary result fulfills Salif demand "I want it to dance".  Featuring a number of special...
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