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Roots Manuva / 4everevolution 4everevolution
AUD$27.98; 2 LP;
A true UK hip-hop legend, ROOTS MANUVA (RODNEY SMITH), came to prominence since the 90s for his hugely influential albums 'Brand New Second Hand', 'Run Come Save Me' and JJJ AOTW 'Slime & Reason'....
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Roots Manuva / Alternately Deep Alternately Deep
Import; AUD$20.99; CD Album;
Roots Manuva ended up with a great many tracks from the sessions of his critically-acclaimed album AWFULLY DEEP, many of which ended up as B-sides and remixes. A brace of those tracks appears on the...
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Roots Manuva / Awfully Deep (Limited Edition) Awfully Deep (Limited Edition)
Import; AUD$24.24; CD Album;

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Roots Manuva / Slime & Reason (Bonus Track) (Australian Exclusive) Slime & Reason (Bonus Track) (Australian Exclusive)
AUD$14.09; CD Album;
RODNEY SMITH aka ROOTS MANUVA returns with his 4TH full album and the man’s voice and musical vision sounds as fresh as ever on this marvellous, freewheeling summation of his career so far. His dub...
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