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Soda Stereo / Chau Soda Chau Soda
Import; AUD$26.64; CD Album;
Compilation producers: Claudio Kleiman, Oscar D. Armage. Includes liner notes by Claudio Kleiman & Oscar D. Armage.
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Soda Stereo / Dynamo Dynamo
Import; AUD$15.29; CD Album;
This album was Soda Stereo's most eclectic, most ignored, and most experimental work. It was also by far the least popular and the most pretentious. Just after its release the band changed labels...
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Soda Stereo / Languis -4TR, Remast.- Languis -4TR, Remast.-
Import; AUD$28.84; CD Single;
This EP is really a minor work in Soda Stereo's career. Recorded in September of 1989 it contained only one new song "Mundo de Quimeras" while the rest of the material was integrated by three songs...
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Soda Stereo / Originales-20 Exitos Originales-20 Exitos
Import; AUD$21.67; CD Album;

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Soda Stereo / Rock Latino Rock Latino
Import; AUD$17.16; CD Album;

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Soda Stereo / Volume 2-El Ultimo Concierto Volume 2-El Ultimo Concierto
Import; AUD$19.71; CD Album;
Soda Stereo: Gustavo Cerati (vocals, guitar, programming); Zeta Bosio (vocals, bass); Charly Alberti (drums, percussion). Additional personnel: Alejandro Teran (viola, flute, saxophone,...
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