Grinspoon / Guide to Better Living (Bonus Tracks) (Explicit)

Guide to Better Living (Bonus Tracks) (Explicit)


Genre: Alternative
Format: CD Album

Featuring 5 Bonus Live Tracks recorded at Grudgefest.

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1.  Pressure Tested 1984
2.  Boundary
3.  Dc X 3
4.  Sickfest
5.  Railrider
6.  Scalped
7.  Pedestrian
8.  Just Ace
9.  Post Enebriated Anxiety
10.  Repeat
11.  Nbt
12.  Don't Go Away
13.  Balding Matters
14.  Bad Funk Stripe
15.  Champion
16.  Truk
17.  More Than You Are (Grudgefest Live) (Bonus Track)
18.  Freezer (Grudgefest Live) (Bonus Track)
19.  Post Enebriated Anxiety (Grudgefest Live) (Bonus Track)
20.  Nbt (Grudgefest Live) (Bonus Track)
21.  Just Ace (Grudgefest Live) (Bonus Track)
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