Manuva, Roots

Manuva, Roots  / 4everevolution
Format: CD Album
Released: Tue 25 Oct 2011
Catalogue Number: BDCD190

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A true UK hip-hop legend, ROOTS MANUVA (RODNEY SMITH), came to prominence since the 90s for his hugely influential albums 'Brand New Second Hand', 'Run Come Save Me' and JJJ AOTW 'Slime & Reason'. His ability to merge dub, funk and hip hop in such a unique way steadily built his profile, and his impact on the UK rap scene was such that he won a MOBO award for the Best Hip Hop Act in 1999. He has gone on to collaborate with a wide range of artists, including DJ SHADOW, UNKLE, THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA, COLDCUT and most recently, on GORILLAZ 'Demon Days', where he performed on the track "All Alone". '4everevolution' represents some of Root Manuva's freshest, most urgent work to date. Whether castigating politicians or himself, joking about girls or men in love with their computers, ruminating on the void at the heart of "urban" music or bigging himself up, Roots Manuva remains one of the foremost lyricists and musicians of his generation. The album revolves around Roots' own production and voice, with contributions from BANANA KLAN stalwarts including RICKY RANKING, DJ MH and DADDY KOPE. Other guests include SKIN and CASS LEWIS from SKUNK ANANSIE, ELAN TAMARA, TODDLA T and SPIKEY TEE. Proving Rodney's love for Australia he asked two local producers to contribute tracks: Melbourne's MONEYMARC, who was part of ELEFANT TRAKS act COMBAT WOMBAT, has had solo releases on the OMLETTE label and helped initiate environmentally sustainable party crew LABRATS SOLAR POWERED SOUND SYSTEM; and Sydney's DIZZ1, who's '3rd Time Lucky' EP on KINDRED SPIRITS was supported from the likes of MARK PRITCHARD and BBC RADIO'S BENJI B.


  • Discs: 1
  • Weight (g): 113

Track Listing:

1.  First Growth
2.  Here We Go Again
3.  Skid Valley
4.  Who Goes There?
5.  Watch Me Dance
6.  Revelation
7.  Wha' Mek?
8.  Takes Time To
9.  Beyond This World
10.  Go Champ
11.  Get The Get
12.  Crow Bars
13.  In The Throes Of It
14.  Noddy
15.  Much Too Plush
16.  The Path
17.  Banana Skank

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