Bieber, Justin

Bieber, Justin / Biebermania!
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Released: Fri 22 Apr 2011
Catalogue Number: JBE0101
Rating: G - General
Region: 4 - Suitable for Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Central America, Pacific Islands and Caribbean   What are DVD regions?

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Biebermania is a high-energy documentary that explores the making of a superstar from his humble beginnings of the small town of Stratford, Ontario to the largest stages throughout the world.

Biebermania will take audiences on his journey from runner up of a local talent show to honing his skills to become the polished performer he is today. The film also explores how Justin Bieber and other young artists have used technology in new ways to advance their career and have forced record labels to deal with a new breed of musical performer---who whom armed with a laptop and a camera have changed the music business forever.

Biebermania chronicles the rise of Justin through interviews from well-known music journalist, industry insiders and critics. The films also tell the story through archive footage and dramatisations created exclusively for the film.

Biebermania is a feel good film that is about a young star and his fans, about a boy who against all odds who has found his musical zone and has landed amongst the stars. It's a story of an unlikely kid who has turned teenage cuteness and awkwardness to cool and hip.

This product is no longer available.

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