Bridging the Gap

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas / Bridging the Gap
Format: CD Album
Released: Tue 26 Sep 2000
Catalogue Number: ISC490661.2

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Black Eyed Peas represent the kind of progressive hip-hop approach associated with bands such as A Tribe Called Quest or the Roots. While their straight-up rapping skills are indisputable, it's the group's quirky arrangements, production style, and preference for live tracks instead of pre-programmed ones that sets them apart from the pack. Throughout BRIDGING THE GAP, the trio makes it clear that they're on a mission to take hip-hop to a smarter, more sophisticated place. This is accomplished almost as much by what they don't do as by what they do. They spend a lot of time talking about unification and other high-minded ideals, and distancing themselves from any notions of violence. They also take care to collaborate with artists they consider like-minded, including De La Soul, Wyclef, and Macy Gray. BRIDGING THE GAP's mix of funk, rap, pop, and soul is a strong brew when combined with the Black Eyed Peas' often-heady lyrical sentiments.


  • Discs: 1
  • Weight (g): 100

Track Listing:

1.  The Bep Empire
2.  Weekends - (Featuring Esthero)
3.  Get Original - (Featuring Chali 2na)
4.  Hot
5.  Cali to New York - (Featuring de la Soul)
6.  Lil' Lil'
7.  On My Own - (Featuring Les Nubian/Mos Def)
8.  Release
9.  Bridging the Gaps
10.  Go Go
11.  Rap Song - (Featuring Wyclef Jean)
12.  Bringing It Back
13.  Tell Your Mama Come
14.  Request + Line - (Featuring Macy Gray)

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