Munk / Cloudbuster
Format: CD Album
Released: Mon 2 Jun 2008
Catalogue Number: GOMMA110CD

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The new album ‘Cloudbuster’ from German psychedelic discoteers MUNK includes cooperations with italian actress ASIA ARGENTO, MATTY SAFER from THE RAPTURE and German Cult- Director KLAUS LEMKE! Munk is ˝ of the two bosses of leading German Disco label GOMMA. Munk received attention through their hit single “Kick Out The Chairs!” which featured long time fan JAMES MURPHY from LCD SOUNDSYSTEM on vocals. ‘Cloudbuster’ includes 3 songs with world famous Italian actress Asia Argento, known from last movies of Sofia Coppola or Abel Ferrara. Other guests on the album include JAN WHITEFIELD (STONES THROW).

PEDRO WINTER aka BUSY P (ED BANGER + manager of JUSTICE) is a massive fan of the album & has remixed opening track “Live Fast Die Old!” along with remixes from HEADMAN (Gomma), WHOMADEWHO (Gomma), Baile Funk hero THE AMAZING CLAY, THE JUAN MACLEAN (DFA) and rising stars MARAL SALMASSI & ZERO CASH! This is NOT a New Rave album - it’s psychedelic KrautDisco!


  • Discs: 1
  • Weight (g): 54

Track Listing:

1.  Live Fast! Die Old!
2.  Down in L.A.
3.  Interludus #1
4.  You Never See Me Back Down
5.  Rat Race
6.  Under Kontrol
7.  No Milk
8.  Bohemian Mud Strut
9.  Monopteros
10.  Interludus #2
11.  Gatto
12.  Psychomagic
13.  Interludus #3
14.  Knight of Heliopolis

This product is no longer available.

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