Earth Architecture

Rael, Ronald

Rael, Ronald / Earth Architecture
Format: Book - Hardcover
Released: Mon 3 Nov 2008
Catalogue Number: 0007795944

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Rael's engaging narrative addresses the misconceptions associated with earth architecture. Many assume that ita (TM)s only used for housing in poor rural areas a " but there are examples of airports, embassies, hospitals, museums, and factories that are made of earth. Ita (TM)s also assumed that earth is a fragile, ephemeral material, while in reality some of the oldest extant buildings on the planet are made of earth. Rael also touches on many topics that pervade both architecture and popular media today, such as the ecological benefits and the politics of building with earth, particularly in developing nations where earth buildings are often thought of as pre-modern or backward. With engaging discussion and more than 300 images, Earth Architecture showcases the beauty and simplicity of one of humankinda (TM)s most evolved and sophisticated building technologies.


  • Textual Format: Pictorial treatment
  • Academic Level: General Adult
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  • Dewey: 721/.0442
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  • Pages: 208
  • Place Of Publication: United States
  • Published Date: Mon 3 Nov 2008
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