Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man / Growl
Format: CD Album
Released: Tue 16 Sep 2008
Catalogue Number: 1100863

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The long awaited return of TWO LONE SWORDSMEN’s KEITH TENNISWOOD (aka RADIOACTIVE MAN). Also features ANDY WEATHERALL & DOT ALLISON on vocals. Keith Tenniswood, who released the self titled ‘Radioactive Man’ in 2001 & ‘Booby
Trap’ in 2003 on Andrew Weatherall’s ROTTERS GOLF CLUB label, is also one half of the electronic act Two Lone Swordsmen, alongside Andrew Weatherall again.

Keith also runs the CONTROL TOWER label & has collaborated with artists such as RED SNAPPER, THE ALOOF & DAVID HOLMES on his ‘Lets Get Killed’ album. Keith’s productions have also appeared on labels such as WARP, MANTRA, SOLID
STATE, PARLOPHONE, SOMA, PLAYHOUSE, 1500 RECORDS, ASTRALWERKS, HIGHER GROUND, CREATION, COLUMBIA & GLOBAL UNDERGROUND. Early in his career, Keith also worked as the sound technician for the seminal SABRES OF PARADISE, including when they were supporting PRIMAL SCREAM on their UK tour in 1995. ‘Growl’ is the first collaborative
project for FABRIC RECORDS & Control Tower.

Track Listing:

1.  Basement Business
2.  Pieces of Eight
3.  Nothing at All (Featuring Dot Allison)
4.  Kirstina
5.  Double Dealings (Featuring Andrew Weatherall)
6.  5 Armed Skeleton
7.  Up in the Air
8.  Dalston to Detroit
9.  Growl
10.  State of That
11.  Lungful of Bass

This product is no longer available.

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