Hooked On Radiation


Atomizer / Hooked On Radiation
Format: 12 inch Vinyl
Released: Tue 3 Jun 2003
Catalogue Number: GGOL27596.1

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ATOMIZER are JONNY MELTON (DJ JONNY SLUT), who in previous incarnations has been a teenage goth pin-up with legendary Batcave band SPECIMEN, a future shock hip hop punk sampling member of DISKORD DATKORD with his old sidekick ADAMSKI, and a be-hooded Ancient of mu mu with the Mighty money burning KLF & FIL JONES (DJ FIL OK), bedroom producer and previously one half of techno outfit SHARON &TRACEY with DJ TOM STEFAN, and film soundtrack provider for the multi media club events "Let me feel your finger first". This single has been co-produced by KLF man JIMMY CAUTY and features i.e. a remix by THE PET SHOP BOYS. ATOMIZER see themselves in a classic synth duo style and site their major influences as SUICIDE, SPARKS & SOFT CELL. Tracklisting: Hooked On Radiation (Bad Boy Mix), Hooked On Radiation (Orange Alert Mix by THE PET SHOP BOYS), Hooked On Radiation (Punx Soundcheck Mix)

This product is no longer available.

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