Lindstrom / Prins Thomas

Lindstrom / Prins Thomas / II
Format: CD Album
Released: Tue 26 May 2009
Catalogue Number: ESKI502702.2

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Original space disconauts and pioneering leaders of the nu-disco movement Scandanavian wunder-kids Lindstrom & Prins Thomas follow up their much lauded debut with the hugely anticipated ‘II'. Proving time between albums has only served to enhance their genius, ‘II' does not disappoint and takes the spacey italo inspired melodica of their debut to a whole new level, adding elements of psychedelia, lush basslines and rolling percussion to produce a highly accomplished electronic symphony that will satisfy as much in the armchair as it will on the dancefloor, late into the night.


  • Discs: 1
  • Weight (g): 95

Track Listing:

1.  Cisco
2.  Rothaus
3.  For Ett Slikk Og Ingenting
4.  Rett Paa
5.  Skal VI Proeve Naa?
6.  Gudene Vet + Snutt
7.  Note I Love You + 100
8.  Flue Paa Veggen

This product is no longer available.

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