Jukebox Explosion

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Jukebox Explosion
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Format: CD Album
Released: Tue 23 Oct 2007
Catalogue Number: IRED146.2

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* Singles collection from one of the most exciting, original and influential rock n' roll bands of the 1990's.
* Taking cues from rock, punk, R&B, garage, hardcore, and hip hop idioms, while transcending the limitations of each, the Blues Explosion created a new sound which they've spent the last 16 years honing and redefining. Their music is deft and bold and as life affirming as the Meters, the Magic Band, or the Birthday Party.
* Beginning in 1992, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion earmarked songs from their recording sessions for their Jukebox 7" Single Series on In The Red. Now, for the first time, all out of print singles have been collected in one place on Jukebox Explosion, along with eight previously unheard rarities from the band's early days that are every bit as action-packed, frantic and furious.
* Jukebox Explosion captures Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at the absolute peak of their powers. If you dig rock n' roll music, this music is absolutely essential.


  • Discs: 1
  • Weight (g): 91

Track Listing:

1.  Shirt Jac Listen to sample
2.  Son of Sam Listen to sample
3.  Train #3 Listen to sample
4.  Caroline Listen to sample
5.  Naked Listen to sample
6.  Push Some Air Listen to sample
7.  Get with It Listen to sample
8.  Showgirl Listen to sample
9.  Ghetto Mom Listen to sample
10.  Latch On Listen to sample
11.  Bent Listen to sample
12.  Curfew Blues Listen to sample
13.  Train #1 Listen to sample
14.  Jailhouse Blues Listen to sample
15.  Fat Listen to sample
16.  Down Low Listen to sample
17.  Do Ya Wanna Get It Listen to sample
18.  Dig My Shit Listen to sample
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This product is no longer available.

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