Travis, Randy / Live
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Warm and funny, Travis reaches out to his fans like nobody else as he sings his greatest hits, his personal favourites and exciting new songs. Don't miss this exceptional evening starring an amazingly talented performer with one of country music's most timeless voices.Track Listing: 1. Wisper My Name; 2. Before You Kill Us All; 3. Spirit Of A Boy, Wisdom Of A Man; 4. Better Class Od losers; 5. On The Other Hand; 6. Look Heart No Hands; 7. If I Didn't Have You; 8. Medley:; 9. The Hole; 10. Horse Called Music; 11. Shallow Water; 12. Baptism; 13. It's Just A Matter Of Time; 14. Hard Rock Bottom Of You Heart; 15. He Walked On Water; 16. Deeper Than The Holler; 17. Forever And Ever, Amen; 18. Diggin' Up Bones; 19. Runaway Train

Track Listing:

1.  Whisper My Name
2.  Before You Kill Us All
3.  Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man
4.  Better Class of Losers
5.  On the Other Hand
6.  Look Heart No Hands
7.  If I Didn't Have You
8.  Medley
9.  The Hole
10.  Horse Called Music
11.  Shallow Water
12.  Baptism
13.  It's Just a Matter of Time
14.  Hard Rock Bottom of You Heart
15.  He Walked On Water
16.  Deeper Than the Holler
17.  Forever and Ever, Amen
18.  Diggin' Up Bones
19.  Runaway Train

This product is no longer available.

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