Moon Sweet Moon

Via Tania

Via Tania / Moon Sweet Moon
Format: CD Album
Released: Mon 8 Oct 2007
Catalogue Number: BRIAR016

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Moon Sweet Moon features contributions from an array of skilled players including members of Tortoise, Lara May (Ben Lee's band), Shearwater and Melbourne's Ground Components, to name but a few.

Tania Bowers' life as a musical gypsy has lead to her on a path full of happenstance and wonder. Born in Australia to South African parents, she began playing with her sister Kim in vowelfree, noise-pop outfit SPDFGH around Sydney in the early Nineties

Now firmly based in Chicago, Tania Bowers has made a name for herself in local fashion and design circles. Her Via Tania line of leather jewellery is stocked in the influential Chicago boutique, Robin Richman, where Tania has also consulted as Paris buyer.

Track Listing:

1.  The Beginning Listen to sample
2.  Light Years Listen to sample
3.  Wonder Stranger Listen to sample
4.  Become Forest Listen to sample
5.  Lost in It Listen to sample
6.  Dangerously Listen to sample
7.  Everyword Listen to sample
8.  Howcome Listen to sample
9.  Home Listen to sample
10.  February Listen to sample
11.  Our Wild Flight Listen to sample
12.  Songs of Love Listen to sample
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This product is no longer available.

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