Towards the Within (Deluxe Edition)

Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance / Towards the Within (Deluxe Edition)
Format: CD Album
Released: Sat 10 Jul 2010
Catalogue Number: SAD2712CD

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Dead Can Dance's TOWARD THE WITHIN is a live album, but don't let that persuade you not to buy it. Most of the tracks here (11 of 15) are not on any of the group's studio records, and all of them are flat-out spectacular. This is one of the band's best albums, live or otherwise. The opener, "Rakim," condenses everything that makes Dead Can Dance a brilliant band into six minutes. Musically, it features an instrumental introduction with a dense, droning backing while a bouzouki skitters across the surface and, eventually, a strikingly expressive percussion section. Vocally, it features Brendan Perry singing in a language that you are unlikely to know, Lisa Gerrard's fabulous voice yodeling in a way you have never heard, and a last verse, in English, delivered in Perry gorgeous, resonant tones. If this doesn't sell you on this band, nothing will. The best track here, though, is Perry's amazing singer/songwriter turn on "American Dreaming," which stands out like a blast of cool breeze on a hot day when its simplicity is compared to the band's denser material. Of all the DCD albums, this one shows the group stretching the farthest, and succeeding all the way.


  • Discs: 1
  • Release Year: 2008

Track Listing:

1.  Rakim [6:25]
2.  Persian Love Song [2:56]
3.  Desert Song [4:21]
4.  Yulunga (Spirit Dance) [7:11]
5.  Piece for Solo Flute [3:34]
6.  Wind That Shakes the Barley [3:11]
7.  I Am Stretched On Your Grave [4:38]
8.  I Can See Now [2:57]
9.  American Dreaming [4:54]
10.  Cantara [5:16]
11.  Oman [5:49]
12.  Song of the Sibyl [4:31]
13.  Tristan [1:48]
14.  Sanvean [4:05]
15.  Don't Fade Away [6:15]

This product is no longer available.

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